JEC 2009 - Best Technology

Two winners come first equal

Twintex-reinforced thermoplastic windows

OVC Reinforcements

The solution replaces a previous two-step process that involved pultruding profiles and reinforcing these with metal inserts. The new process is somewhere in between pultrusion and extrusion, and allows reinforcing locally with Twintex only where necessary. The profiles are then cut and assembled using standard methods.

The new profile manufacturing process simplifies the work without affecting the plant and equipment for window production, and affords great profile design freedom.

The windows are stiffer, more cost-effective, and there are no thermal bridges.

The technology can be applied to all types of thermoplastic profiles.

All the pre-development work was done in-house by the company's R&D centre in Charnbry, Thermoplastic window frame manufacturers (Bouvet & Lorillard France) have adopted this process for new products and technologies to reinforce their thermoplastic lineals, especially for large dimensions and/or coloured profiles.

Partners: IDA Industrie Design Architecture Maly), Rossi Stamp (Italy), Bouvet Er Lorillard (France).

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